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I love sharing music, togetherness and knowledge, and that is why I have done quite a few publications, you can get your hands on. The sheet music is published by various Danish and international publishers. The books are published by Singergy Publishing - the micro publishing company that I run together with Kristoffer Fynbo Thorning.


I love pop and jazz music and I have published a number of the a cappella arrangements, I have written for the ensembles I work with.

  • Winter

  • True North

  • Love You Better

  • Saint Cecilia

  • Queendom

You can buy them here if you would like to sing them with your choir.

Also I have been fortunate to be part of great projects resulting in a couple of publications, buy them here:

I Am Light - part of "Earth Choir Kids"

Fortabt er jeg stadig - part of "Korbogen"

6 stærke sange der baner vejen

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A Handbook on Choir Warm-Up, Voice Training and Singing Together

The minutes you spend on warming up are probably the most important minutes in your entire rehearsal, because this is where you bring the singers in that special kind of flow that enables them to build on the things that they already know, and take the next steps in their musical development. This handbook offers more than 130 exercises and the necessary background knowledge that makes it possible for you to get the most out of your warm up and thereby the most out of your rehearsal.


A Playful Approach to Group Dynamics

Together with my colleague Kristoffer Fynbo Thorning, I have written two handbooks about icebreakers, and we hope that working with these exercises will change your life as they have changed ours.


Icebreakers are on the one hand games and exercises that break the ice and create faelleskab (trust, community and togetherness) between people of all ages and backgrounds, and at the same it they represent a mindset and a set of values regarding playing music and teaching in general. The books are relevant to everyone who works in fields of teaching, creativity and leadership.

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Singing together: Connection and Engagement

Oh, yes it's true, I not only write stuff down, I also talk about it in front of a camera, which is great if you don't like to read. In these 15 short videos I introduce you to the mainpoints about icebreakers, warm ups, arranging and the other things I am passionate about as an artist and educator.

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